Riccardo Volpato

👋🏻 About me

I got my data science and engineering chops at Satalia, an Enterprise AI consultancy where I developed machine learning models to optimise business processes. Most notably, I built a system to forecast the number of people that would show up at each of 120 retail stores with an hourly accuracy of 80%.

Before that (and for some time in parallel), I co-founded PigeonLine to automate government processes involving textual data, like survey summarisation and resume-job matching. We were awarded LSE Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 and worked with governments in the Middle-east and North America. Before moving on for personal reasons, I hired an engineering team and enabled the company to grow without me.

Even before that, I studied economics, behavioural science and statistics. Wanting to broaden my perspectives, I split my studies between Italy, China (where I was a tour guide for the Great Wall!) and the UK.