Hey there, it’s me Riccardo and I am on a mission to hack intelligence and open source it.

I am a data scientist, entrepreneur and self-taught software engineer. I specialise in building tools based on machine learning and natural language processing. I enjoy building stuff and getting my hands dirty with the full stack.

I value understanding, discovering and sharing knowledge. I think this enables lifeforms to develop with more awareness of where they could go or what they might encounter. I love seeking these truths and share them. This drive took me through a wonderful journey via economics, Chinese, applied mathematics, decision science and machine learning.

When I learned more about computing, I found not just knowledge to discover but also things to build that could help other entities - natural and artificial - to learn knowledge themselves. Ever since then, I dedicated myself to the field.

Professionally, I design, develop and deploy machine learning products in industries such as government, logistics and retail.

I build enterprise solutions at Satalia the company behind the best Artificial Intelligence product in Transportation and Logistics, as recognised by CogX and endorsed by the Mayor of London. Satalia is a company like no other: on top of amazing solutions, we are also automating management to enable everyone to do the work they love and unify humanity in the digital age.

I also co-founded PigeonLine, a start-up that uses privacy-focused and human-centred technology to solve the problems of governments and businesses globally. We won LSE Entrepreneur of the year 2018 and best in class at Dubai Future Accelerators.

Back in school, I studied Decision Science and Operational Research at the London School of Economics.


  • Volpato and Song, 2017. Active learning to optimise time-expensive algorithm selection (pdf) (arXiv)

Visualisations of me (and my dears)

Riccardo Volpato with moustaches Riccardo Volpato and his beloved Chenchen Riccardo Volpato coding Riccardo Volpato winning LSE Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Riccardo Volpato researching